HFG GLOBAL GIVING is a donation platform that allows you to support a cause of your choice from about 200 NGOs that have been scrutinized for transparency & credibility.

We do not raise funds for ourselves. We help you donate to these NGOs. We tell you exactly where your money went and give you proof of it through a feedback report. We ensure that at least 90% of your contribution reaches the organization you support (as against the average of 60% for the NGO sector).

What makes us different?
We have reviewed over 3,000 non-profit organizations from all over India to identify over 200 organizations that have met with the HFG donation’s Listing Criteria. They work for causes ranging from child welfare and education to disability, poverty, and women’s empowerment to name a few.

How we do this –

  • Internet Giving
  • Payroll Giving
  • Client Services
  • Fundraising – HFG GLOBAL GIVING TOOL
  • Gift a Donation
  • Charity Events
  • Mobile Giving

Once you decide how you’d like to make a difference by donating to a donation option(s) on the site, we send you a tax receipt for your donation and send your money to your chosen NGO. After detailed consideration, the beneficiary is identified by your chosen NGO and the money is utilized as per your chosen donation option. We track every donation and ensure that the NGO sends us a feedback report with details about which poor Indian’s life you have changed and how, which we then pass on to you.

The success of these strategies will be contingent on the clear delineation of the strategies of the HFG into which these areas of focus, that will form the thrust of the NGO Network’s work, will operate. There will be a need for the HFG to support by provision of enabling resources these strategies as we partner to achieve the desired global environmental benefits.

Funds Raising Strategy:

  • Some of the source of funds for HFG is listed below:
  • Individual Donor
  • Corporate Donor
  • Sportsmen
  • Celebrities
  • Politician
  • Government Institutes
  • World Bank
  • UNO

Annual Fundraising
Annual fundraising implies raising fund for a yearlong project. There is a beginning and an end, during which unrestricted amount of donations is sought for. In this type of non-profit fundraising, there usually is a regular set of donors to approach. There are mostly individuals – board members, special circle of friends and influential people of the society whom you approach for donations. The activity of collecting annual fund can be organized every year with the same group of people and with the same method, which saves you time and money, and is generally effective.

Corporate or Business fund
Most business house gives donations for specific purposes. It also helps them to maintain their corporate image in line ofCorporate Social Responsibility. It takes a bit of research in finding out which organization give money to what kind of projects. That will increase the probabilities in getting the fund. This process in the non-profit fundraising is not a fast one. The companies usually take a lot of time to process your request, but once accepted it can be substantial and for a longer period of time.

National/ international government grants
several government bodies, national and international has set amount of money allotted for certain causes. It takes some research in finding out and matching your project goals with the ones that is on offer. These grants are mostly for certain period and not a long running one. However, if you win one grant, there is a high probability in winning in consecutive years.

Cause related marketing
Some business housework with non-profit organizations by providing them product in their factory price. The charity organization gets donation in proportion to the sales of the product. The upside of such funding is that it’s restricted only by the volume of sales, and in the process the non-profit fundraising organization also gets some publicity through the media campaigns of the commercial company.

Unrelated business income
It is when a charity non-profit organization acquires a property and runs a business to turn it into a fund to run its activities. The kind of non-profit fundraising activity ensures long term financial backing. They will happily be paying taxes and running their charity activities through the profit achieved by the business. Organizations with leaders with business skills can benefit from such fund-raising activity.

Planned to give
Many charity organizations undertake regular fund-raising exercise as part of the planned giving process. In planned giving, a donor or donors pledge to give certain amount of money on specific events, like his or her death or when they receive their salary or on their birthday.
Being sure of the type of non-profit organization you are, and the kinds of funds you are seeking is every important in non-profit fundraising. A well-balanced plan including all these different types of fund collecting mechanism can mean success to your overall fundraising goal.

Operating Model
The fundamental premise of HFG GLOBAL GIVING operating model is that the donor is an “investor” looking for returns of some kind (most commonly the satisfaction of knowing that their money made a difference to someone else’s life). While it is possible that there are people who give without any expectations, our efforts are targeted at the rest

Investor Donor
Has surplus funds Has surplus funds
Wants to generate “financial returns” Wants to generate “social returns” or some other benefit
Not inclined to start own business enterprise for a variety of reasons (inadequate capital, low risk-taking ability, not skilled…) Not inclined to help those in need personally, for a variety of reasons (no time, unable to quit career, not skilled,)
Has own criteria of what constitutes a “good investment”- safety, returns, sectoral preferences, etc. Has own criteria of what constitutes a good social investment, and sectoral preferences (education, health…)
Identifies specific “good investments” using references, research, and market mechanisms
Investing is a vicarious way of participating in the company Donating is a vicarious way of participating in the activities of the organization

While financial investments have occurred from time immemorial, the greatest fillip to them came from the evolution of financial markets. HFG GLOBAL GIVING believe that a similar evolution of “philanthropy markets” will create the necessary conditions for a sustainable giving culture to thrive

Financial Institution Philanthropy Equivalent Current institutions & trends
Mutual Funds Aggregating non-profit intermediaries CRY, HelpAge, Concern, etc. serve are the non-profit equivalent of Mutual Funds. They raise small contributions from individual donors, aggregate them and make onward donations to non-profits. Some of them are like “sector specific funds”, e.g., CRY works only with children.
Venture Capital Funds and Incubators Social Venture Capital/ Social Entrepreneurship organizations Ashoka, the Acumen Fund, the Skoll Foundation are some examples. In India, Aavishkaar works for social goals but with a profit motive as well.
Rating Agencies Accreditation/ Rating Agencies HFG GLOBAL GIVING has been one of the first organizations to provide an “assurance mechanism”. Several initiatives are currently under development by corporate rating agencies like CRISIL, ICRA, etc. to evolve rating instruments for the non-profit sector.
SEBI/SEC (Regulatory bodies) While there are regulators for the Acts under which non-profits are constituted in India, there is no clear regulatory body that oversees either their working or their governance, etc. The Credibility Alliance has been recently set up by some non-profits as an effort at self-regulation. HFG GLOBAL GIVING has been an active member catalysing this initiative.
Information Database and Research Cos. Non-profit databases and research orgs. Some attempts at building rudimentary databases have been made but these barely contain contact information and a few descriptive paragraphs
Portfolio Management Services Charity Portfolio Management HFG GLOBAL GIVING’s Corporate Client Services attempts to address this need by helping companies develop a philanthropy strategy aimed to meet its own strategic social investment goals.
Stock Exchanges Charity Exchanges HFG GLOBAL GIVING’s efforts in Internet Giving are designed as charity exchanges.

HFG GLOBAL GIVING has, in the last few years, attempted to meet the “gaps” of institutions needed to constitute the non-profit “philanthropy marketplace”