Involvement: providing Services or donate time for Foundations.

  • NGOs
  • Spiritual Foundations
  • Doctors
  • Attorney
  • Teachers
  • Scientist
  • Astronaut
  • Consulting companies
  • Celebrities
  • Actress/Actor
  • Director/Producers
  • Sportsmen
  • Corporate world
  • Royal families
  • World Bank
  • Other Financial Institutes
  • Builders/Developers
  • Industries
  • Traders

All kind of foundations.

  • Spiritual
  • Children
  • Disabled
  • Education
  • Elderly
  • Employment
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Human Rights
  • Women
  • Youth

HFG will unite foundations and people of all walks and religions all over the world.

  • Baha’i
  • Buddhism
  • Christianity
  • Confucianism
  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Jainism
  • Judaism
  • Shinto
  • Sikhism
  • Taoism
  • Zoroastrianism

Intergovernmental organizations that will be invited:

  • United Nations at large. Specifically: UNDP, UNEP, FAO, UN-UNIVERSITY, UN-FOUNDATION, UN-Habitat, etc.
  • World Bank
  • International Monetary Fund
  • World Health Organization
  • World Resources Institute
  • All interested ODA organizations will be invited to participate.

7 Major groups as likely partners:

  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Doctors without Borders/Medicines Frontiers
  • GE Wind Energy
  • Global Vision Trust & Corporation
  • All interested major groups will be invited to participate.
  • Global Village of Humanity

HFG is delighted to partner with you to eliminate the problems like Poverty, Education, Homelessness.
If we begin with the home, with oneness between parents and children, children and parents, brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors, then we can extend oneness to the entire State and between each State (inter and intra-State), then to the entire country. From one country we can extend to another country and then between countries (inter and intra-country), and finally, we will have an opportunity to achieve universal global oneness.

This is possible. Yes, choosing forgiveness paves a path towards, peace, love, harmony, and Oneness. This is going to cultivate more strength within ourselves. As long we are carrying grudges, blames and historical painful events. We cannot forgive. We need to come to the point, where learn how to forgive others for their mistake or disaster they have created in our life. Once that happened basically, we create a space within our hearts for kindness, love, and Oneness.

This concept of oneness can only be achieved by believing that our most essential purpose is to take Nature and our fellow men. Every soul is a part of our human family. The deep love and bondage which
we create are called Oneness. This comes to a sense of abundance and wholeness as we grow in the knowledge that we are part of one large human family linked together by the breath and Spirit of our Creator, the one God. Loving, caring, and sharing are divine actions. This will connect us with the universe and the Almighty. Here is an overview of the practice of oneness that I believe in. We engage in it by reaching out to others through love, kindness, and positive attitudes. We grow in it by learning the perspectives, challenges, burdens, and the powerful possibilities within people in our lives. We build it by the words and actions we choose in each situation that show our willingness to help. We sustain it by claiming that every breakdown in living up to our goal of oneness carries within it the possibility for a breakthrough to create more authentic oneness between us.

The positive vibes that will be generated through this feeling of ONENESS will ultimately eliminate people’s negativity. It will show them the true goal of their life; all that is necessary in the world is ONENESS. This is the ultimate Foundation of the World. Which is missing. To create this foundation Many Spiritual leaders, Gurus, Masters, and the top leaders had tried earlier. I am not doing something new. It is just the Vision to bring the whole World together as ONE. Now It is possible. This was not possible in the past. Now is the time, the new generation is ready to accept this Vision. The world is ready now, Change is already happening, and good things is we have all kind of social media in this World. Everyone wants a change in this World. Positivity and Goodness are already there. All I need to do is connect all beautiful souls together and bring them on the platform of the Oneness, where they all agreed and accept love, care, kindness, happiness unity, and Oneness. This is a vision that cannot be realized by techniques or empty words. We can only realize it through our chosen responses to each challenge or opportunity in our lives and taking care of each other. At least one person can commit to helping only one person. Give yourself 100% if you want to give someone your help and yourself. The vision of Oneness will start happening. Look around you and See, which is the one person who needs the most help. Let me just commit to him 100%. If everyone around you is doing well, Then Go find one HOMELESS guy and become his friend and tell him I have adopted you. I will take care of you. Until you get success in life. Or Just adopt one child from any poor country and help that child until, He has a grown-up man. That is what called ONENESS.

HFG will operate throughout the world
In India, each state will be on operation director. Each country will become HFG partner. Partner will be appointing all the Director of operations in the country.


Delhi HFG
Andhra HFG
Arunachal HFG
Assam HFG
Bengal HFG
Bihar HFG
Chhattisgarh HFG
Gujarat HFG
Haryana HFG

Himachal HFG
Kashmir HFG
Jharkhand HFG
Karnataka HFG
Kerala HFG
Madhya-Pradesh HFG
Maharashtra HFG
Manipur HFG
Meghalaya HFG
Mizoram HFG

Nagaland HFG
Orissa HFG
Punjab HFG
Rajasthan HFG
Sikkim HFG
Tamilnadu HFG
Tripura HFG
Uttarakhand HFG
Uttar-Pradesh HFG


Afghanistan HFG
Bangladesh HFG
Bhutan HFG
Kyrgyz Rep. HFG
Laos HFG
Malaysia HFG
Maldives HFG
Mongolia HFG

Kyrgyz Rep. HFG
Laos HFG
Malaysia HFG
Maldives HFG
Mongolia HFG
Nepal HFG
Pakistan HFG
Philippines HFG
Sri Lanka HFG

Tajikistan HFG
Thailand HFG
Timor Leste HFG
Turkmenistan HFG
Uzbekistan HFG
Vietnam HFG

Middle East & Gulf

Iran HFG
Iraq HFG

Jordan HFG
Lebanon HFG
Oman HFG

Syria HFG
Yemen HFG

North & Central America

Anguilla HFG
Antigua-Barbuda HFG
Barbados HFG
Belize HFG
Costa Rica HFG
Cuba HFG
Dominica HFG

Dominican Republic
El Salvador HFG
Grenada HFG
Guatemala HFG
Haiti HFG
Honduras HFG
Jamaica HFG

Mexico HFG
Montserrat HFG
Nicaragua HFG
Panama HFG
Trinidad Tobago HFG

South America

Argentina HFG
Bolivia HFG
Brazil HFG
Chile HFG
Colombia HFG

Ecuador HFG
Guyana HFG
Paraguay HFG
Peru HFG
Suriname HFG

Uruguay HFG
Venezuela HFG


Algeria HFG
Angola HFG
Benin HFG
Botswana HFG
Burkina Faso HFG
Burundi HFG
Cameroon HFG
Cape Verde HFG
Central African Republic
Chad HFG
Comoros HFG
Congo Democratic HFG
Congo Republic HFG
Rwanda HF
Sao Tome Principe
Senegal HFG

Cote dIvoire HFG
Djibouti HFG
Egypt HFG
Equatorial Guinea HFG
Eritrea HFG
Ethiopia HFG
Gabon HFG
Gambia HFG
Ghana HFG
Guinea HFG
Guinea Bissau HFG
Kenya HFG
Lesotho HFG
Seychelles HFG
Sierra Leone HFG
Somalia HFG

Liberia HFG
Libya HFG
Madagascar HFG
Malawi HFG
Mali HFG
Mauritania HFG
Mauritius HFG
Mayotte HFG
Morocco HFG
Mozambique HFG
Namibia HFG
Niger HFG
Nigeria HFG

South Africa HFG












North Macedonia/HFG

San Marino/HFG
United Kingdom/HFG
Vatican Ci