Oneness is not a technique or a dictionary word, it is a concept that we need to understand and work towards. Why is world becoming a selfish, self-centered planet where at end of the day, even the rich are sad and even the poor are sad? Why nobody seems to be happy? Because somewhere we are lacking in our very essence and that essence is service to GOD. This done by serving the creation of God.

Oneness means wholeness in togetherness. The Universe is like one large human family. We, as human beings need to realize this. When we start finding the divine in everyone that is time when we are one with God. When we start taking care of HIS creation, HE will start taking care of us. Humanity has unlimited potential. Spiritual and social transformation starts with personal transformation. I therefore recognize the importance of connecting with my divine essence and inner wisdom throughout my life’s journey; allowing the finest and the highest levels of human potential to flourish for the benefit of all.

Be a reason for someone’s happiness, not a part of it and be a part of someone’s sadness, not a reason for it is important. When we understand this phenomenon and change from within, the environment around us changes. We are one; after all, you and I. Together we suffer, together exist, and forever will recreate each other. Isn’t that true?
If we look around, the world is full of conflicts, poverty, mistrust, suffering, disease, etc. What can YOU do about it? Let us understand the resolution by examples. For e.g. Whenever there is a conflict between husband and wife, what should be done? If either of them do not care for each other, it will further deepen the hatred but if one of them see himself in the other or think on broad terms like oneness of the relation, it can be a beautiful relationship.
Another example, you see a beggar suffering from a disease. If you can help in any way, be it through money or karma, would it not save the person? To be one with everybody, you need to be understanding, compassionate, loving and all this, without any egos. If we start with one person, we can then extend to the entire state, then to the entire county or country, and hence we will achieve universal oneness.

We at One Village: Oneness Retreat Center believes there is a significant opportunity for growth by tapping into the market of the San Francisco Bay Area. As discussed in this report, the timing, population, and consumer trends are lined up to support a financially successful business that provides value and service to the community. Our value proposition is to provide spiritual, mental, and physical support in a way that allows our communities to live healthy and fulfilling lives by taking what they learn on their mat and applying it to their lives. This business plan outlines the services and offerings that will be brought together to create a Center focused on strengthening the mind and body, with yoga, meditation & Ayurveda being its core offerings. All other offerings will be designed in such a way as to continue to add value to people through our strategic value offering.

Through its various partnerships and intermediation, One Village: Oneness Retreat Center will create a suite of services and from various complementary growing markets will create an offering where people can strengthen and heal their bodies while reconnecting with their minds and nature in order to go back out into the world strong, confident, and focused.

One Village: Oneness Retreat Center & Corporate Teambuilding B&B is a rural healing sanctuary for IT Startups, artists, entrepreneurs, & holistic wellness practitioners. It operates as both a retreat center with supportive infrastructure for retreat leaders and a ‘Corporate Teambuilding B&B’ where creatives and entrepreneurs can book a ‘working holiday.’ We believe self-care, creativity & community are the foundation for any successful endeavor and provide a nourishing and supportive environment for you and your ideas, with an emphasis on decelerated and sustainable living and shared farm-to-table meals. Abstract The purpose of this report was to determine the viability of a One Village: Oneness Retreat Center & Corporate Teambuilding B&B on the Mendocino Coast of Northern California. Competitive Analysis, Consumer Analysis, and Economic Analysis are key factors required to develop a viable value proposition, which will allow consumers to maximize utility and positively affect cash flow and profitability. The wilderness camp trend in Canada and North America has been analyzed and cross-referenced with the economic situation in the San Francisco Bay Area (CA). It is our goal, in the long term, to change the world for better. The marketing activities associated with this business plan related to the core belief that oneness is about building the strength of the mind, body, and spirit and reconnecting all of those things in order to live a more centered, complete, and fully awake life.

Our goal is to help people (beginning with SF Bay Area, CA) reconnect with their own inner strength and recognize the beauty that resides in all of us. This falls directly in line with the vision of the land: To help people awaken the extraordinary and become fully alive human beings. Objectives To be the go-to Northern California destination for entrepreneurs, artists & wellness professionals who need to recharge and connect – with themselves, others, nature & their creative hearts. To be a place of inspiration, collaboration, community, and creativity. To foster creative cross-pollination between guests, staff, Oneness Center interns, retreat & workshop facilitators. To provide a nourishing space and unparalleled support system/infrastructure for others to host retreats, events, and sessions in the creative & caring fields (yoga, wellness, arts, holistic therapies, food, entrepreneurship, etc.).

We take care of the details and support and mentor facilitators so they can, in turn, focus on their retreat attendees with what it is they do best. To create models for sustainability that can be adopted for global implementation to teach awareness including conscious living, dharma, yoga, and meditation to offer media broadcast and in-person retreats that support our mission, vision, and values. To sponsor activities that facilitate and support sustainable models for living. To live humbly with respect for Earth and all its inhabitants. Mission Statement To inspire and support conscious and sustainable living on Earth. To facilitate community and promote global harmony, peace, and prosperity. To serve as a beacon of light for teaching sustainable living, yoga, and meditation, through a learning center, digital media production and an example of dharmic living. To serve as a place for retreat in nature to relax, heal and be well.

Healing the Planet with Oneness

Life is a beautiful gift from God. We all must live our own lives. The way I live is by helping others, unconditionally. Who do I love the most? GOD and His beautiful creation and his beautiful human family. I beckon you to join me in creating true planetary equity and healing. Platforms of ONENESS will start all over the World after the release of the movie project.

There is sufficient abundance for every person in this world. There are enough food and resources to provide for everyone. Yet with this wealth of resources, we do not provide for everyone. We turn our backs on the needy and allow them to continue suffering. By not ensuring their basic needs, we are partly to blame for their suffering. If some member of our own family were hungry or cold or ill, we would provide for them. So, why don’t we provide for our human family?

Nine thousand children die on this planet each day from undernutrition. Throughout the United States, the richest nation on earth, over six-hundred thousand people are homeless, out in the open, with no shelter, no sanitation facilities, and little hope.
How can this be? Consider these facts:

  • One in eight Americans lives on incomes so small that they are at risk for hunger.
  • Over thirteen million American children rely on food banks for assistance.
  • Ninety percent of those requesting food assistance are not homeless. These people have one or more people in the household who work and earn money, but their income is insufficient to pay for all their living necessities.
  • There is no community in the U.S. where a full-time worker earning minimum wage can afford a two-bedroom apartment.

These problems can be solved. There are hundreds of relief agencies and non-profits who work to raise funds to apply to programs and services to alleviate the suffering caused by poverty. Yet even with these efforts, we have come up short.

The solution to these problems is not more government intervention, or charity, or awareness. What is needed is oneness. What is lacking in love? Without love, we have an insufficient will to solve these issues. But with love, with oneness, they will be resolved. We will find the way. If it were our own child, or mother, or brother suffering, we would have the will, through love. By recognizing every person in the world as a member of our global family, with the same concern we show to our personal family, we will solve these issues. We will find a way to do it.

Oneness begins within us. We must have personal integrity and love for our own selves first. This love will then manifest in how we care for our own family’s needs. Families who look after each other in a spirit of oneness create neighborhoods and communities who care for each other. Neighborhoods and communities who care for each other create states and nations who care for each other out of oneness.

Oneness means wholeness in togetherness. By understanding the views and needs of others, we Make a Difference placard become willing to compromise. Those who are more fortunate should be willing to give back to the community. No worker who works forty hours a week or more should live in poverty or be homeless. Their value as a worker should be seen, not just in terms of the economic contribution they make to their employer, but also in terms of their humanity and their basic needs for survival.
I believe that the world can create a new consciousness of peace and unity through universal love. I also believe that a single individual can move mountains, can cause wonders. Just imagine the power of an ocean of sharing set in motion.