Oneness of RAJ is the online platform Where we will help people on line with their problems worldwide.
Building pathways to Oneness.

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Today the world is consumed by an urgent series of crises: energy, food, climate, and finance that not only threaten the realization of the MDGs and the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people, in the North and the South, but also the stability of the world’s economies. We need to take an concrete action with the solidarity of all international communities, in order to perceived crisis in development: the need to examine the shortfall in resources required for countries to achieve international agreed development goals including Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and to cut the number of people living in extreme poverty, improve social conditions such as health and education, employment, raise living standards, support gender equality and women’s empowerment and protect the environment.

I want to show and talk to everyone with ONENESS WAY. I have very good intent to do this project and I have great Vision of Oneness. I feel Oneness is the Foundation of the World which is Missing from small family to all the way countries and the whole World.

We see lot of countries below poverty line. With the help of funding we can help them grow and solve all the issues of poverty across the globe. We can build homes for homeless people and help every Poor around the World.

Yes, this is very difficult to raise and convince But I believe this is possible if I have the support from the Visionary like yours. Only Philanthropist can understand The Philanthropist that is why I love to present my Vision here.

I believe in Karma and hard work. I leave the result in the nature hand. Failure or Success both are the part of life. But If we do not try and do not do anything but just sit and watch poor people suffering that is also not good. And I can make it happen.

I need all the support so we can redesign the whole world with beautiful picture where everyone on this earth has food, home, and good life. This is my Vision also through this movie project. Whatever the revenue we will generate very big amount will go to the Charity.

Who all will do the work in every country when Money is raised? My suggestion here Is each country has Army, Air Force and Navy. All these soldiers will help upraise their own country. US Soldiers will work to build homes for homeless and help every poor person. Same way India, Africa all countries will work to build homes for homeless. We will have all operations in America and funds will be distributed to each country.

Because of this Corona virus people are losing the faith and this movie will bring back their faith and eradicate the FEAR OF COVID 19. Most of the people in this world suffering from FEAR and they invite the Covid-19 their mental level has gone so down and immune system has become very weak.

Where there is will there is WAY and If we do not have the WAY we need to create together. I drove 5000 Miles to meet and present you my plan.

So kindly think about my proposal and If possible, I love to meet you before I leave. This is my great wish.

I look forward for a positive outcome where we all stand by for this mission. Please feel free to contact me in case of any questions.



A man who believes in God discovers his true calling – to enlighten the individuals, corporate world, political world, wealthy world, religious world, and spiritual world about ONENESS in the world. How important ONENESS it is, from a small family of four people, to the whole universe of billions of people living. We must see all of them as ONE FAMILY of the divine.


Hwy I to Oneness is an original screenplay by Rajan Luthra. It revolves around a hero’s quest to unite the world and enlighten the One inner self, so that One can become with One with everyone. The Hwy 1 to Oneness movie project pledges to donate 50% of the profits to charitable organizations dedicated to COVID-19, homelessness, and child poverty around the world. Towards that end, our movie’s goal is to bring the world together as one.


This is a great movie project, written by Rajan Luthra. The movie is a unique concept is to bring the world together to the one platform. The message of this movie is Oneness. This movie project will be one of the causes to make people think about Oneness is important part of everyone’s life. Rajan found this vision when he was driving to Los Angeles from San Francisco on Hwy 1. The story of Hwy 1 to Oneness is a man who believes in all the religions and goodness of all living beings and a strong believer of “ONE GOD”. He realized through GOD’S calling, that the present need of the world is ONENESS, unity, peace, and love. He decided to give up all his businesses and build ONENESS platforms around the world. These platforms will help the people, resolve their problems, and resolve the big issues in political world, spiritual world, religious world, wealthy world, and poor world.

This is unique project to bring everyone together as ONE. The shooting of this movie is planned to begin in late 2020.

Main reason for doing this project is raising awareness of the Oneness and Having the solution of the problems and issues world going through right now.

  • 1. Poverty
  • 2. Hatred
  • 3. Discrimination
  • 4. Self-Ego
  • 5. Judgmental
  • 6. Racism,
  • 7. Non-violence
  • 8. Global warming
  • 9. Human rights
  • 10. Inequality
  • 11. Homelessness
  • 12 Biggest problem is Coronavirus Where whole world is suffering right now.

This movie project has most of the solution of problems. This is shown very nice way.

  • ⁕ This start from small family’s friends and neighbors
  • ⁕ Solving the problems corporate level
  • ⁕ Having the solutions of eradicate the Global poverty.
  • ⁕ Having the solutions of US current problems
  • ⁕ Having the solutions of India current problems

Movie also have solutions of biggest issues between the countries Like America and Russia, America and China, America and Arabic World Russia and Ukraine, Arabic world has problems with Israel and Lebanon, India and Pakistan, India and China, South Korea, and North Korea.

Best thing is that this movie has solution or Vaccine for the Coronavirus. That has inspired me to work on this project. World is going through big suffering in every scenario. This can get worst if World war starts or countries like India and China fight or China and America. Any country go for was. This is not good for humanity and for Nature. We cannot bring more pollution to this World.

Last not but least this movie project will also resolve the biggest problems Which is religions. Everyone is stuck with their own belief, Their GOD is the best, all other are not truthful. This will give them message. There is Only ONE GOD in this World. So religious world will convert into Spiritual Movie will show how you can become within yourself and get to know Your true self.


“It would take $135 billion to eradicate global poverty.

Here I would like to present three solutions:

1st Solution to eradicate the poverty from this World:

  • 1. Total net worth of Billionaire = $8 Trillion
    Total 2095 Billionaire. If we agree to each billionaire to donate 1% = $ 80 Billion
    1% of their wealth of help the World and Eradicate the Global poverty
  • 2. Total net worth of Millionaire = $156,3 Trillion
    Total Millionaire 46.8 Million
    The world we are living in now we can easily pull the database of all the Millionaire. All we need to convince them to donate 1% of their net worth which equals to $1.571 Trillion

2rd Solution to eradicate the poverty from this World
Here is the database of 500 fortune companies around the world.
Global 500 | Fortune › global500

The world’s 500 largest companies generated $32.7 trillion in revenues and $2.15 trillion in profits in 2018. If each company will pay just 1% of their revenue to end Global poverty in year 2021. If we get $ 327 Billion every year, I am sure We can eradicate the Global poverty.
Together we can make it happen.

All solutions are there now which can be worked on separately or together bringing all the resources from the World.


People can find peace during the COVID-19 pandemic, while others may be struggling with their faith. As concern over the spread of coronavirus grows, people around the world are changing the way they do things. With stay at home orders and so many businesses closing this pandemic has taken a toll on people’s lives and beliefs. Churches, mosques, temples, and synagogues are also changing rituals to contain the spread of the virus. We collaboratively need to work on bringing peoples beliefs and rituals back, so they again start enjoying and lead a normal life.

Because of this Corona virus people are losing the faith and this movie will bring back their faith and eradicate the FEAR OF COVID 19. Most of the people in this world suffering from FEAR and they invite the Covid-19 their mental level has gone so down and immune system has become very weak.
Poor people are suffering a lot Since they are losing faith People cannot go the temple. Movie will give them a message GOD IS WITH IN YOU after the movie.


I would like to launch an app called OORAJ.COM. Connecting the whole world together as ONE. This will be more like Skype

If everyone around us appears to believe something, we are more likely to believe it. And that feedback loop matters, especially early on. We need to be open and change our minds. Embrace all together and work on this mission to make the world a place to live that we should be proud of.

Oneness of RAJ is the online platform Where we will help people on line with their problems worldwide.
Building pathways to Oneness.