HFG’s vision is ONENESS; a world where everyone has access to food, shelter, health services, clean drinking water and education in a healthy, clean environment. The main objective is to provide essential services to every member of the global family, especially those in impoverished urban and rural areas, with a special emphasis on women and youth.

Humanity, functioning as a global family, providing for the essential needs of each family member, regardless of that person’s nationality, religion or ethnicity, or social status…this is Rajan Luthra’s worldview. It is a vision of oneness. It is a vision supported by all the great world religions and sacred traditions. There are enough wealth and resources in the world to ensure the basic living necessities for each member of our global, human family.

HFG’s goal is to empower vulnerable communities to improve their access to food, revenues, and markets, and to educate small-scale farmers in methods to increase their production and safely store and market their crops.

We believe in the right of all people to enjoy a healthy, secure life. We believe in empowering families and communities with high-quality educational and vocational opportunities by providing equal access to resources.

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